Astro Hook is an arcade platformer game where you hook and swing from the stars to reach the heights of the cosmos!

For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


Play as a swinging green alien and navigate your way upwards through star fields, pick up space gems and fend off galactic monsters. Using your electric lasso, tap, hook and swing from the stars till you reach the heights of the cosmos! Tilt the device to propel your swing even higher. Use cosmic objects like rocket ships and space springs to blast your green buddy. Beware not to fall off screen though or you will have to start over again!

Objective: Go as high as you can. Do not fall off screen!

How To Play:

  • Tap on stars to hook lasso
  • Continue hooking on stars upwards
  • Tilt device to propel character


* Time your yo-yo or bounce going upwards when hooking on next star

* Swing and tap on empty space (not on star) to glide character

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